Functional Fitness Abdominal & Back Pad for Full Ab Mat Rx Core WOD Exercises. - Includes 1 Leather Sit Up / CrossFit Ab Mat. One Size Fits All. Ideal for Training The Entire Core. 100% Satisfaction W

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Dense 2 lb (1 kg) ab mat / back pad contours to your lower back for maximum vertebrae stability and injury prevention while providing focused core training.Ab mat has a soft top and a hard bottom with dimensions of 14" x 12" x 3" (1.5 lbs).Mat is engineered to offer a full range of motion while targeting the entire core muscle group.Lightweight and portable design for easy storage or travel. One size fits all100% Satisfaction Guarantee with and 1-Year No-Questions-Asked Warranty included.
Sit-ups?are tough, especially when they strain the wrong muscles. Sore backs are?rampant among people who want to get in their daily ab routine. Our back pad addresses that problem by placing your spine into neutral alignment while giving your abs a great workout.??With our pad, sit-ups are not easier, but they are safer and help?target the right core muscle groups!

For those using a rolled up towel to replicate?the support, you're missing out. This back pad keeps the same shape and supports your back so that you can finish your workout back?pain-free.?

Take?your CrossFit? workout anywhere; so get off your iPad and spend some more?time on your back pad. There is no reason to blow your back out or your WOD with this at-home or in-box functional abmat.